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Changes with JEFFREY KERR, LLC and Saelig Company

JEFFREY KERR, LLC and Saelig Company would like to announce that Saelig is now taking over the manufacturing and sales of the PIC-SERVO, PIC-STEP and PIC-I/O motion control product line. JEFFREY KERR, LLC has manufactured its motion control product line for the last 22 years, and Saelig has been a primary stocking distributor of this line for the past 12 year. Our two companies have worked closely over the past decade on the sale and support of these products, and we have worked hard over the past few months to ensure that this transition goes smoothly and will be completely transparent to our loyal customers. We plan no changes to the product line or to its pricing or availability. Furthermore, Jeff Kerr, the original designer of this product line, will continue to offer product technical support as he has done for the last 22 years.

One unique assurance that JEFFREY KERR, LLC has always offered its customers is that if a product was ever discontinued that a customer still needed, we would provide that customer with the firmware and other manufacturing data so that they could produce a discontinued product themselves. Saelig will continue to honor this commitment so that our customers can be assured of access to critical technology.

Please note that Jameco Electronics will continue to act as a West Coast distributor of our products, and you should continue to place your orders through Saelig or Jameco just as you have done previously. And please feel free to contact Saelig (info@saelig.com) if you have any questions regarding this transition.

We appreciate your loyalty, and Saelig looks forward to continuing to work with all our valued customers, providing the same high quality products and support you have come to expect.

Alan Lowne (founder of Saelig)
Jeff Kerr (founder of JEFFREY KERR, LLC)